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Blackview Airbuds 10 White

Blackview Airbuds 10 White
Blackview Airbuds 10 White

Open-ear design

Thanks to the flexible and soft ear hooks, the Blackview Airbuds 10 sports Bluetooth headphone is comfortable to wear and stays on during strenuous exercise. The open-ear design keeps the earphone out of contact with the ear canal, protecting it while allowing you to hear the ambient sound around you. Ideal for keeping yourself safe when playing outdoor sports. 

16.2mm Big Dynamic Drivers & ENC Function

With dual powerful 16.2mm dynamic drivers, which are 3 times the size of other earbuds. our open headphones offers a rich listening experience. Setting Two mics in both earphones with environmental noise reduction function that work efficiently to reduce ambient noise around you and ensure your voice be heard clearly during phone calls.

Bluetooth 5.3 & One-step Fast Pairing

The latest Bluetooth 5.3 creates a comprehensive upgrade that optimizes Bluetooth transmission and connection errors. And It is easy to pairing, When removed from the charging case, the wireless Bluetooth headset will auto connect to previously paired device.(After the 1st successful pairing.) Wide compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices including iPhone or Android or Windows Products, iPad, TV, computer etc.

Touch Control & Single/Dual Modes

By touch the eabuds, you can change volume (up or down), pause/resume music, change tracks (forward or backward) or pick up calls pretty easily and without having to dig out your device. In addition, you can use two earphones simultaneously, or use either bud on it's own and let the other charge in the case.

Long Battery Life & IPX7 Waterproof

With the 600 mAh large capacity battery, the earbuds provide up to 45 hours of continuous playback per charge, tested by Blackview laboratory at 50% volume. Actual playtime may vary depending on usage and environment. Also you can fully charge the earbuds case in an hour and a half. IPX7 waterproof can effectively prevent water splash and sweat, which makes them more suited for exercise/gym/fitness/workout/running.

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