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Cougar OMNES ESSENTIAL Wireless Gaming Headset

Cougar OMNES ESSENTIAL Wireless Gaming Headset
Cougar OMNES ESSENTIAL Wireless Gaming Headset

COUGAR Omnes Essential is a wireless headset with an enhanced stereo driver and microphone for energizing your gaming performance. It is your best wireless teammate.

Omnes Essential allows you to immerse yourself in the battlefield or racing track smoothly. Based on the large 53mm drivers and the finest Stereo mode, the surrounding details increase the reality in diverse orientations in your ears, from the vertical to horizontal position. Omnes Essential makes the gaming experience an unprecedented sense of presence and fidelity.

To reach the virtual surround effect, Omnes Essential is fully compatible with Windows Sonic in the latest Windows 10™ edition.

With Omnes Essential, its large 9.7mm noise cancelling microphone receives a refined frequency voice tone. The extended length of the pick-up unit can be adjusted for extra clarity. The bendable pole provides extra flexibility to manually move and increase the pick-up quality.

Omnes Essential allows you to have the automatic comforts through the multiple-axis adjustment and extra-thick foam headband. The combination of vertical and horizontal structures will accomplish the best and pressure-free gaming experience in any condition.

Omnes Essential’s spinnable 90° mechanism increases the wearing relaxation and allows you to have the full relaxation when putting off the headsets during the break session.

In 2.4G wireless connection, Omnes Essential features the long operating battery in 20 hours. To reach ceaseless gaming, you can also charge during the operation and unplug it while the charging is done, LED from Blue to standard Orange.

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